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April 2018 Column

We would like to thank CIVILTRAIN for joining the Recovery Centre as a long-term Sponsor, your support is what is required to help make sure the Centre is around for many years.

Big thank you to Stuart and Carly for your kind support.

We also welcome the support from NORTHERN DISTRICTS SECURITY, we all work very hard providing a great service and this support show us that what we are doing for Wildlife is very worthwhile in the eyes of these people.

April has been a very busy month with 4 injured kiwi, one Wandering Albatross, many Little Blue Penguins and 7 Harrier Hawks along with a few other Birds.

The Albatross has been released thanks to our friends at Dive Tutukaka, many of these Birds are taken out to the Poor Knights for release by Dive Tutukaka which places the Albatross in a safe area for them to carry on their flight many miles away.

All the Kiwi have been released, the Female Kiwi that Bruce our vet had to remove part of her toe after being caught in a gin trap is doing well back in the wild, the Department of Conservation have been tracking her and have let us know she has settled back into the wild.

We have received 10 Seagull this month and most have been injured by humans being cruel to them, I must remind the Public that the RED BILL GULL is totally protected and carry a fine of $100.000 for killing one, they have the same protection as a Kiwi.

The big run of Harrier Hawks being sent to us is caused by being run over by cars, if you see a Hawk on the road please slow down as the Hawk when frightened hang on to their pray and this makes them very slow to get out of your way, this time of the year food is very hard to find in the wild so they must take a risk of feeding off dead possums and Rabbits from the road.

Very soon we will start receiving Kiwi eggs, did you know that you can view the eggs in the Bayer Incubation Unit with our web-cams, go to our web site www.nbr.org.nz and click on web cams, when we have an egg we can update their progress and when its time you can see a Kiwi Chick hatch.

The Recovery Centre is a Registered Charity and GST Registered which helps when we go for grants but every now and then something come along that we can’t get a grant for, we have a boat that is used for releasing and retrieving Sea Birds, a good example of this is we have released around 30 Shearwaters and Petrels over the past month because of the bad weather, so to me, being safe on the water is very important, on board along with other safety equipment I have an electronic safety beacon and guess what, it has reached the end of the battery life and it’s cheaper to buy a new one that have new battery’s installed in the old one, a new one costs $350.00 so if anyone would like to help I would be keen to hear from you.

Robert and Robyn Webb.