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August 2018 Column

I notice many of the smaller Birds Like the Thrush, Blackbirds and the Starlings are busy getting prepared for nesting time, so I guess by early next month we will start to see an increase in young Bird numbers.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Northpower Board and Staff for the nice flowers that were sent to Robyn my wife when she was in hospital, yes, at times even we need looking after.

Robyn ended up in Whangarei Hospital where they thought she had a mild heart attack, after 3 days they sent Robyn to Auckland Hospital for more checks.

Thank goodness they found it was not a heart attack but ended up being too much stress over the past few months which made it look like a heart attack.

So, thank you all at Northpower, it sure brightened Robyn’s day for her.

I would like to also thank Bayer NZ Ltd for renewing their support for another 3 years, this is what keeps the Recovery Centre going.

We have a Kiwi egg from Kaitaia in the incubator, being a very fresh egg, it will be another 60 days before we end up with a Kiwi chick, you can see the egg on our web site and as it gets closer to hatching I will update when it will hatch.

This is also the time of the year when we start getting the big Sea Birds like the Albatross and Giant Petrels, they get caught in the big storms way out at sea.

To avoid being drowned they head for land and safety along the West coast.

I like to let the Media know when we get these Birds as this gives the Public a chance to see what they look like while they are recovering.

At times I get asked are we allowed to show our injured Birds to the Public, all the work we do at the Recovery Centre is covered by The Department of Conservation Permits, the Recovery Centre is not a Zoo or Wildlife Park which means we don’t keep our Birds just for show, If I feel showing a Bird won’t do it any harm then it’s at my discretion to do so, this forms a valuable part of Education that we display at the Recovery Centre, I think after 30 years I should know what is good for a Bird.

Robert and Robyn Webb.