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We have at least 5000 school children visit the Centre each year. The program that we offer here at the Centre is a hands on one where children often have the opportunity to see and touch a live Kiwi (Snoopy).

This has a huge impact on the children and is an experience that is not easily forgotten.

The children also spend time in the education room learning about the dangers of the types of traps that caused Snoopy to loose his leg. Once they know what these traps look like they know to avoid them if they come across one in the bush and to tell an adult. Robert shows them the speed and power of these traps by setting one off using a thick roll of news paper. The children often get such a fright when the trap goes off that they jump clear off the floor where they are sitting.

There are also many mounted birds to see and photographs of many other birds that have been in at the Centre since it started. This stimulates good question and answer sessions that lead into discussions on environmental issues.

The Centre believes strongly that we have a responsibility to educate the next generation of New Zealanders about the delicate balance of our environment. We believe that everyone must learn that our impact is disrupting this balance and that we all have a responsibility to take greater care to create less impact and work with the environment rather than just consuming.

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