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February 2019 Column

Welcome to the first Column for 2019, we were very busy over January
And I forgot.

Most Birds have finished nesting so now is a good time to check your chimney before winter comes around, I know winter is still some time away, but it could cost you big time if you light your fire and next thing you have a fire in your roof.

The fireplace may still look new but the netting around the top will rust very quick.
We have had a big run of Harrier Hawks that have been hit while feeding on the road, some of these Hawks have been run over deliberately, the Hawk does a great job cleaning road kill off the roads so please try to avoid them.

The other Bird is the Pukeko and the chicks, if you see someone run any of these Birds try and get a rego number, time and location, then let me know.

I know at times you can’t avoid hitting a Bird on the road, but some drivers take a delight on deliberately running them over,

We receive an Australasian Bittern with damage to its hip, I took it to the Kamo vets to check it out and Sandra rang Massey university Wild life who said they would have a look at it, the Bittern is now at the top of the list as being endangered so we need to do what ever we can to help them.

We have had a big run of baby Tui’s and Kingfishers, so far 21 tui chicks and 12 Kingfishers,

This time of the year you will notice many of the Birds you see in your garden or trees like Black Birds, Thrush and Silver eyes, seem to disappear, they are still around but are now feeding on insects, they start to appear by the end of March.

Its been great catching up with overseas Visitors who have visited us in the past or friends have recommended they visit the Centre.

The baby Birds we have are a big hit with Visitors, our Baby Pook has been a big hit along with the Penguins.

A big thank you to those that have been sending in Donations, this is what keeps the Centre going.

We get very busy this time of the year so if you phone us please leave a message so we can get back to you as soon as we get a chance.

Robert and Robyn Webb.