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June 2018 Column

On the 28th June we have two items happening at the Centre, one is our AGM which will be held at 1.30pm at the Recovery Centre, Members of the Public are welcome. The other is we are having a celebration marking 25 years we have been operating from our site.

One question I get asked quite often is why, did Robyn and I start the Recovery Centre. After being injured at my driving job I was put on ACC, after a while we were moved from ACC to sickness benefit, this was how ACC was made to look like it was achieving its goals by getting people back to work or at least off their books. Rather than go into all the details I will skip some, sitting at home with a damaged back was not what I wanted to do with my life, so Robyn and I decided to start the Recovery Centre, this way I could be doing good for the Wildlife.

Very few knew we were running the recovery Centre from our home for more than 5 years before having the accident. Running the Centre from home was not a good idea, we ended up with no home life, Birds were being brought in all hours of the day and night. Getting the Centre started at Maunu was quite a challenge but after a while we finally were given some land to put buildings on.

One of the very first Business people to help us out was John Rosvall, getting support like this meant so much to us both, John said just let me know if you think I can help.

Followed around the same time came Mike Daniel, we were having trouble with Telecom at the time, Mike came to the Centre and said I will be paying your Phone and Power from now on, support from both John and Mike was the help the Centre really needed and has seen the Centre grow to what it is today.

The welfare of the Wild Birds is what the Centre is about and Education of the young who are going to be our next generation. Robert and Robyn Webb.