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October 2018 Column

Springtime at last, this will start to bring warmer weather, but it also signals the start of the Wild Bird chick season.

Each year we receive many baby Birds, some of this could be avoided by reminding Children that when they see a nest with baby Birds in it, they are better being left in the nest for the Adult Bird to look after.

A young Bird with feather found on the ground can be put back up in a tree, they are just learning to get around and while jumping from branch to branch at times they miss and end up on the ground, it will not upset the Adult Bird because you have touched its chick.

Any teachers reading this can you please let the Children know not to go around the School grounds looking for baby’s in the nests and decide they need help, many small chicks that are taken from the nest too soon will only die in captivity, a good idea is contact the Recovery Centre first.

We have received quite a few Kiwi over the past 6 weeks, some hit by cars others caught by Dogs, when walking your Dog please take notice of any Conservation signs asking that you keep your Dog under control.

You would be surprised how many people say my Dog would never catch a Kiwi as it’s never seen one, a Kiwi has a scent that a Dog can smell 100 mtrs away, its too late after a Kiwi has been caught.

With the influx of Birds over the next 5 months is also the time of year that we need your support, Food and Medication cost skyrocket which takes a big bite out of our funds, remember the Recovery Centre is run Voluntary so your support means a lot to us.

When finding a Bird just keep it warm and quite until we can get them, please remember not to give an Injured Bird food or water as this in most cases will kill them, the stress is very high on any Bird when being captured by Humans.

You can contact the Centre on 09.4381457 or 0276750564 for advice.
Robert and Robyn Webb,