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September 2018 Column

It looks like our quite time is nearly over, many of the Blackbirds and Thrush are either making nests or feeding their young so all the other Wild Birds will start to follow. Please remind children not to remove baby Birds from a nest, some Children like to try and be helpful but looking after Baby Birds is a full-time job and can get very boring and the next thing we get them delivered to the Centre, so please, Adults remind the Children to leave any nests alone.

For any Wild Ducks you can contact the Centre and we will give you a contact number as we don’t take Ducklings, we just don’t have the room to have ponds for them to swim in.
We will take Brown Teal Ducks and Ducklings.

If you find a Baby Bird on the ground first try placing it back into a tree or Bush as sometimes they fall off a branch while learning how to fly and don’t require any Human help.

When finding a Bird in trouble just keep it quiet and warm, please don’t feed them food or water as when they are in shock feeding them will kill them.

From now until Christmas is when our Food and Medication bills go sky high, any support means a great deal to us at the Recovery Centre, we are registered and will give a receipt which you can claim on.

If you go onto our web site www.nbr.org.nz on the top right of the of the first page you will see what to do for direct payment to our Bank.
You can also send a Donation to PO.Box 10187 Te-Mai post centre or call into the Centre and have a look around.

If you bring an injured Bird to the Centre and no one is around you can place it in one of the cages by the door, there is a whiteboard that you can leave what the Bird is and a contact number so we can let you know how the Bird gets on, plus we then know where to send the Bird back for release.

Robert and Robyn Webb.