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Sparky will now follow in Snoopy’s foot step and take on the role of Kiwi ambassador travelling around schools and other public forums to promote wildlife conservation. Sparky is another one legged kiwi who lives at the Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre. He came to the Centre as a young bird in 2002, his leg injury was also caused by a “Gin trap” that had been set on the ground to trap possums.

As Sparky takes over this role we will monitor his stress levels carefully, just as we did with Snoopy. We always look at what is best for all the birds we have at the Centre. Reviewing the work Sparky has done so far tells us that he is handling public situations very well.

Here at the Bird Recovery Centre, we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to see a live kiwi up close. The work that Snoopy did certainly proved the value of this kind of unique experience. People still come up to Robert years after they have left school and ask about Snoopy, remembering how amazing is was to touch and watch a real live kiwi.