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November 2018 Column

We would like to thank Northpower for their renewal of their Sponsorship, this is what enables the Recovery Centre to keep going each year. We should not have to struggle each year when looking after our Native Birds, I see where thousand are found to look after the Kauri Trees, walking tracks, predator control and…
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October 2018 Column

Springtime at last, this will start to bring warmer weather, but it also signals the start of the Wild Bird chick season. Each year we receive many baby Birds, some of this could be avoided by reminding Children that when they see a nest with baby Birds in it, they are better being left in…
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September 2018 Column

It looks like our quite time is nearly over, many of the Blackbirds and Thrush are either making nests or feeding their young so all the other Wild Birds will start to follow. Please remind children not to remove baby Birds from a nest, some Children like to try and be helpful but looking after…
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August 2018 Column

I notice many of the smaller Birds Like the Thrush, Blackbirds and the Starlings are busy getting prepared for nesting time, so I guess by early next month we will start to see an increase in young Bird numbers. I would like to say a big thank you to the Northpower Board and Staff for…
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June 2018 Column

On the 28th June we have two items happening at the Centre, one is our AGM which will be held at 1.30pm at the Recovery Centre, Members of the Public are welcome. The other is we are having a celebration marking 25 years we have been operating from our site. One question I get asked…
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May 2018 Column

At long last the weather has settled down which has slowed the numbers of sea Birds being sent in. With all the guava trees in fruit the Native Pigeons are having a ball, at least the weather is not hot which can turn the juices from the berries into alcohol and make the Pigeons drunk.…
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April 2018 Column

We would like to thank CIVILTRAIN for joining the Recovery Centre as a long-term Sponsor, your support is what is required to help make sure the Centre is around for many years. Big thank you to Stuart and Carly for your kind support. We also welcome the support from NORTHERN DISTRICTS SECURITY, we all work…
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